After months of deliberations and discussions, Samui Elephant Haven named a little boy-elephant today!

Even before he arrived at the Haven, the little chap had quite a journey. Somboon, his beautifully calm mother walked from one side of Koh Samui to the other to be greeted by a magnificent herd of elephants with trumpets, entwining trunks, and a memorable reunion with her daughter.

Several months later and under the close watch of the world, a baby was born into the protection of Samui Elephant Haven. They welcomed a hairy, wide-eyed, shaky-legged boy into the sanctuary and have taken pleasure in watching him grow over the last couple of weeks. He’s gained his strength and found his trunk; he discovered his cheeky genes and running legs; he’s inseparable from his mummy and loves to chase Maew.

The Thai people are very proud; there is no exception at the Haven. An enthralled Maew and his team want to ensure that this boy grows up in a safe environment and surrounded by a haven of kindness. He will be a magnificent bull that never has to endure chains or any unkindness; hence their desire to call him Haven.

Haven was born under the last full moon of the decade on Friday 13 December 2019.

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