We have all been hit terribly hard with the virus that is traversing the planet and indefinitely affecting tourism on our small island.

We are making a plea for your help. Currently, we have 19 elephants in our care, 12 of which are in our official park. We ‘foster’ a further eight elephants, including several bulls in a sizeable, yet temporary paddock close by. Each elephant in our care, except Haven Moonlight (who was born at the sanctuary), has spent their entire life in tourism, begging and logging industries. They are now free to roam and live out the rest of their lives at Samui Elephant Haven safely and in peace.

Our elephants eat on average between 16 – 18 hours a day, that is a staggering 10% of their body weight each day which can be up to 400kg each! Our current stock will only last us for another two days. Imagine that we have to find 200kg of rice, 1000kg of banana leaves, 2000kg of coconuts and 6000kg of pineapple tops every day! Lek Chailert, founder of Elephant Nature Park and Save Elephant Foundation in Chiang Mai has pledged to provide 30,000kg of food for our elephants. We are truly grateful to her and her supporters from around the world.

Our online shop has some items that can be purchased that will also help our plight. https://samuielephanthaven.org/shop/.

We sincerely hope that you can help our elephants.

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