Elephant Treats

Pineapple Tops

The ‘heads’ or ‘tops’ of pineapples are nutritionally valuable to elephants. Pineapple plants are spiky and robust. The elephants use their trunks and feet to soften the leaves before consuming them.

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Rice balls

Rice Balls

Elephants love to eat delicious rice balls that are packed full of pumpkin, tamarind and healthy fruit. The rice balls are a particularly good source of food for a baby or elderly elephants as they are full of protein and easy to digest. Volunteers and guests learn how to make them when they visit.

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Elephants love ripe bananas. Given half a chance, they would eat them all day. Bananas are easy to digest and have important nutritional values and are particularly beneficial for pregnant or nursing mothers, calves, elderly or sick elephants.

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Elephant Treats 1


Napier grass is a giant ‘elephant-sized’ grass that is full of nutrients and protein for our gentle giants. Not only is it a significant part of their diet, but it is also used as a disguise for abundant ‘hide-and-seek’ and ‘chase-me’ games.

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Watermelons aren’t just a great source of fluids, our herd love munching on these fruits as they are cool and super tasty. One of the herds favourite treats. We can go through over 1,000 kilos of watermelons per day!

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Elephant Treats 2
Elephant Treats 3


Pumpkins are normally very popular around Halloween, but share a pumpkin with an elephant and you can be assured you have a new friend for life! Pumpkins are also one of the favourite ingredients that go onto our cakes!

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Food Pellets

These pellets are jam-packed with nutrients and give our herd the energy they need to get through the day. An elephants version of a muesli and fruit lunch… Perfect!

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