Full Day Volunteer Experience

Did you know that SEH also has an elephant volunteer program for one week? And we now have a very special opportunity for those who don’t have time to spend a week with us at the Samui Elephant Haven, we are now opening our doors by adding a “one-day volunteer experience!!” 🐘❤️
We are pleased to announce that, as of now, the one-day Elephant Volunteer Program* is ready to welcome visitors. 🥳

This will be for small groups of 2-4 people and includes transportation, meals, as well as other activities to enjoy! You will get the full elephant experience, learning about these amazing animals and helping us with their daily routine.
To everyone who has been following our family of elephants, we hope we have the opportunity to welcome you to the sanctuary for one day. To see Luna demolishing cakes and Haven happily enjoying scooping up watermelon has to be witnessed in person at least once in your lifetime!

*18 years old minimum. Under 15 years old will need to be accompanied by a parent or an adult guardian.

Full Day Volunteer Experience 1
Full Day Volunteer Experience 2
Full Day Volunteer Experience 3
Full Day Volunteer Experience 4
Full Day Volunteer Experience 5
Full Day Volunteer Experience 6


– 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
– Transportation included
– English-speaking guides
– Special T-shirt for Volunteer
– Prepare the food for the elephants
– Cook special food for elephants
– Feed the elephants rice cakes
– Cleaning duties
– Hydrotherapy for the elderly elephants
– Lunch & snacks
– Limited to 4 people per day
– Price 4,500 baht