Happy Birthday Nong Pech!

Come and chat with me in my first Zoom meeting on Saturday @ 4PM

This is Nong Pech. She is a female elephant born on Koh Samui island in 2012, she is 9 years old on Saturday, and is still pretty young as far as elephants go. She was with her mum, Somboon but then was taken away. Before she came back to Samui she used to work as a street beggar. It’s such a hard job for a baby elephant. She walked on hot pavements all day long. She worked for about 2 years before we rescued her and she was the first to join the group at Samui Elephant Haven.

Also Nong Pech has two best friends Moloair and Kwan Samui, that we call Gangster and Nong Pech is the youngest of the gang. Sometimes Moloair  try to kick Nong Pech but everyone loves her.

We wish her a very happy 9th birthday! We’re going to make her a cake on Saturday and share the moment in an online video conference call for up to 100 people!

Happy Birthday to Nong Pech! 1
Happy Birthday to Nong Pech! 2
Happy Birthday to Nong Pech! 3
Happy Birthday to Nong Pech! 4

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