On 29 February, Haven Moonlight made a heartfelt plea to the world “I’ve found beautiful stars that twinkle in the night sky above the sanctuary, sweet-smelling flowers that I have picked from the park and so many love hearts from my new friends and family. I get so excited about all of the new things that I am finding; I keep them safely in my trunk. But today, I lost my precious trunk and all of the beautiful things inside. Please can you help me find them? There is a star, a flower and a love heart hidden somewhere on the website; tell us where you have seen them so that I can go and collect them by the end of the day. We will gift one lucky person that helps me find my things a family voucher (two adults and two children) for a private tour of Samui Elephant Haven”.


Hundreds of people helped him find his favourite things. The lucky winner is Katalin Horvath and her family. Haven can’t wait to meet them all!

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