Haven’s Warriors Free Community Yoga was such a trumpeting success, all of the volunteers from Koh Samui’s remarkable community have decided to do it again on Saturday 15 August before the kids go back to school.




Kids, tweenies, teenagers and adults to visit Samui Elephant Haven, and take part in Free Yoga Community Samui’s imaginative yoga classes. Haven’s Warriors as they practice yoga as the resident elephants wander around the park. Shanon, the kids’ favourite yoga instructor will encourage them to stretch like a dog, stand tall and proud like a tree and flutter like a butterfly.


Community Yoga


Free Yoga Community Samui is an extraordinary community of world-class yoga teachers that work in tandem with EcoThailand. They promote education by involvement with local schools, local people, local businesses and visitors to the area whilst interacting with key governmental departments, NGO organisations and other volunteer groups. The community offers donation-led yoga classes which makes them accessible to everyone. They have several classes in different locations across the island each week. Their aim is to bring communities and cultures together; yoga promotes unity and connection.


All donations received from Free Yoga Community Samui are gifted back into the community and assist people facing financial hardships from medical conditions, babies and young families, to food and household essentials for those that have lost their income during the pandemic. All funds raised from the regular yoga classes at Samui Elephant Haven will help feed and look after the resident elephants.


SEH Yoga For Kids


There are enormous benefits from practising ‘Haven’s Warriors’ yoga. Not only does the practice enhance the child’s strength and co-ordination, but allows them to play, improve flexibility and strength, connect more deeply and develop a relationship with nature, and the animals that surround them. Little people possess magical carefree happiness that should make them glow from the inside-out.


Two deliciously plant-based pop-up food stalls will be selling hearty nibbles after the Haven’s Warriors yoga session. Together they will showcase how the largest land mammal is the mightiest ‘vegan’ creature in the world.




VeganReady is rapidly taking over southern Thailand with its scrumptious frozen homemade cuisine that makes vegan dining as easy a push of a [microwave] button. Christina will be serving up vegan tacos, made with her healthy Kind Grind mince. VeganReady meals and meat replacement products are quick, healthy and kind.

Go Vegan

A master chef from the vegan kitchens of Rob’s Dogs will also be serving up some of their favourite dishes including ‘sausage’ rolls, Spanikoptia and yummy [un]healthy chocolate balls; all proceeds from their pop-up food go to Samui Street Sterilising programme, which in August, they plan to spay over 70 dogs and cats with six vets from the mainland. The Australian based charity also supports Samui Elephant Haven and Sawan Maa, a sanctuary that provides safe shelter to rescued horses and ponies on the island.

Elephant Hand print

Samui Elephant Haven is also a ‘centre’ for art and expression. Children love to explore, chat, paint and learn. It’s through these experiences that they understand connection, peace and acceptance. There will be a little art-activity at the end of their yoga session, where Moran will turn angelic children into roaring lions, bears and elephants. Donna will unleash their creativity and help them make handprints of elephants that they can take home with them.



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