Creating lasting memories is a priority for visitors and supporters from around the world. “How can we help” is one of the most popular questions asked. Physically at the Haven is a small boutique shop which contains lots of ‘elephanty’ goodies for guests to take home as souvenirs from their visit.

There is an array of colourful and ethical products that are locally sourced and made. QWERTY PR’s The Painted Elephant colouring books are a firm favourite. A beautiful collection of bags, wallets and accessories made from recycled bags used to transport fish food and cement in Southeast Asia; this makes them lightweight, water-resistant and extremely durable! The sacks are cleaned and sewn into vibrant, fresh styles by Fair Trade women in Cambodia. Not only are the recycled bags gorgeous on the eye, but the supplier donates a portion of the sale to continue the care of elephants. Local artists have created stunning elephant necklaces and pendants, cards, magnets, cushion covers and even over-sized and glitzily decorated elephant bins can be commissioned from a Samui painting consortium.

For the foodies out there, Trash Hero supplies reusable metal bottles, an organisation dedicated to sustainability and waste management education within local communities. One bottle can prevent thousands of single-use plastic bottles from entering landfill or ending up in the ocean. Many elephant favourites are bottled-up for human treats; banana, pineapple and mango jams, and coconut and cashew nut butters; all are deliciously vegan. Also stocked is ENP coffee; this coffee is grown at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand. Two smooth blends that go perfectly with the organic banana jam on toast!

The recently introduced online store the HELP[FUL] ELEPHANT has practical elephant gifts. There are many ‘sponsor an animal’ programmes across the world; the Haven shop contains products dedicated to creating intelligent and interactive environments in which the elephants live and roam. Buyers can choose to purchase an entire elephant ‘jungle gym’ or parts thereof, large trees for the elephants to scratch against or take shade under, entire enclosures which will enable new bull rescues; sand in which to play or fresh water for their daily swim in their pools. Bananas and pineapple tops are tasty favourites for the elephants. Did you know that elephants eat between 16 and 18 hours a day?

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