Samui Elephant Haven is thrilled to share their beautiful, Instagram worthy mural depicting Somboon and Haven Moonlight. Talented British-Spanish artist Bianca Daniella and her gorgeous rescue dog-helper Ziggy have been hard at work for the last couple of weeks. Bianca has detailed some of her favourite local flowers and plants, colourful butterflies that flit through the park and dragonflies that dance playfully across the various pools.

Bianca was born into a family of artists: her talent, coupled with a love of travel, has led her to paint some extraordinarily beautiful wall murals across the world. She grew up with an innate love of the jungle, lions and zebras and first encountered elephants at Samui Elephant Haven. She first came to Thailand to give ‘colour’ to her sister’s hostel and hasn’t stopped painting since. Other than being a creative soul, Bianca has unstoppable energy for rescuing animals; as a child, she’d save all things wild, and now she helps the many organisations across the island with the stray dog population.

Having travelled to 26 countries and over 200 cities, Bianca is never short of inspiration “I love tropical flowers, the colours, so many different plants and flowers with amazing colours so I can’t get bored. I love seeing my work popping up on Instagram and people appreciating it”. Her side-kick and fierce protector Ziggy is her soul mate. He literally fell into her lap as a sick puppy. Having nursed him back to health, it’s now Bianca and Ziggy having adventures across Thailand; hiking to waterfalls, sailing over turquoise waters and rides on a big black motorbike. “He comes everywhere with me and loves to chill out while I paint. And more often than not gets covered in paint too!”

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