Jungle Gym

Full Jungle Gym

Elephants enjoy having fun and exercising with playthings that give them enrichment. The jungle gym provides them with scratching posts and tyres to throw around and play with. Many an hour is spent by the elephants amusing themselves with this unique pachyderm sport.

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Koh Samui Rescued Elephant Somboon
Jungle Gym 1

Swimming Pool

At Samui Elephant Haven, the herd has two manmade swimming pools in which to cool down, spray, bathe, be playful and swim. The pools need to be regularly drained and refilled because the elephants like to pee and poop in the water. They love nothing more than cooling, clean water.

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Trees provide many things for the resident herd at the Haven. Elephants enjoy scratching themselves on trees (most of the trees in the park are bald!), they eat the foliage and sometimes the bark. The tree canopies and condensed jungle areas also provide shade and a cool environment for the elephants.

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