Samui Elephant Haven has partnered with one of Koh Samui’s favourite yoga studios. Futurehippie is a bohemian yoga and meditation resort set under towering palm trees, on a glorious beach on the southern coast of Thailand’s Koh Samui. Together, a set of peaceful and calming yoga and meditation videos has been compiled, not only to provide a nurturing workout that promotes good breathing practices and deep stretching but that will also give a sense of stillness and serenity. The complementary meditation video allows viewers to be still and transport themselves to a haven of nature and watch elephants interact within their herds.

Founder of Futurehippe, Mika, believes that in these difficult times, it is vital to keep your body in shape and grounded. She explains that the first Chakra that represents the earth, stability, family, the tribe and safety can easily be thrown off balance. She recommends that we all spend time in nature, to breathe in the fresh air, to walk barefoot and to feel at peace in our natural surroundings.

Yoga and meditation teach us to be in the present moment and to trust in life, which is so crucial during this pandemic. Mika spent a few hours alone at the Haven to create a peaceful yoga and meditation practice within the beautiful park that is surrounded by nature, water and of course, elephants. She invites yoga followers to help feed the Haven’s resident elephants by purchasing the videos, which contributes to their daily feasts. Elephants eat up to 10% of their body weight each day.

The guided meditation and the yoga practice both last for just over 20 minutes each and boast soothing images of the elephants going about their daily lives at the Haven, swimming, playing and eating. Mika says of the videos “If you feel agitated, insecure, nervous and out of balance set aside time each day to spend time in a peaceful environment. Gardening or planting. To eat root vegetables and drink lots of water. Practise Yoga Asanas. Sleep and call friends and family. I hope that the videos give you a sense of peace and that they transport you to happy times at Samui Elephant Haven.

futurehippie Peaceful Yoga Flow at Samui Elephant Haven

20 minutes of blissfully relaxing yoga at Samui Elephant Haven. Mika from futurehippie Samui practices her nature flow surrounded by elephants playing in their infinity pool.

futurehippie Trust in Life Meditation at Samui Elephant Haven

Surrounded by abundant nature and elephants, futurehippie practices a 20-minute grounding meditation at Samui Elephant Haven.

Sampler Videos


*Please note* On receipt of payment we will send your video files at the original size and quality (1.5GB, and 1.6GB). Downloads are available, although files are compressed, and reduced quality (500MBS). Please allow 48 hours for delivery to the email you give us on your order form.