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Sri Nin

Sri Nin is a female elephant thought to be born 1967 in Ranong in Southern Thailand. She initially worked in the logging industry until the government ban in 1989. Like so many Thai elephants, following the ban on logging Sri Nin was put to work in the tourism entertainment industry, providing rides. She was brought to Koh Samui in 1999, where she continued to work in trekking.

Sri Nin was left blind in her left eye after her mahout at the time used a slingshot to punish her for failing to obey his command. As a result, she has a somewhat nervous disposition and can be easily startled. She can also be recognised by a missing section of her tail, having been bitten off by another elephant when she was young.

Here at Samui Elephant Haven, she is now able to enjoy her newfound freedom, surrounded by a constant stream of love and dedicated care, of which she is very deserving. She plays the role of nanny to Nong Pech and Moloair; the two younger members of the herd.


Moloair was born in 2009 in Tak Province in the west of Thailand near the Myanmar border. From a very young age, she underwent a cruel training process to force her to perform in an elephant circus in the south of Thailand. During this time, she was stabbed in her trunk several times by her mahout. As a result, she has a significant persistent injury to her lower trunk, and understandably, does not like her trunk to be touched.

In 2016, Moloair was rescued from her nightmarish situation and transported to a project in Surin Province. On arrival, she was still extremely distressed and cried every day for three months. During this time, Nong Pech constantly tried to comfort her, but Moloair continued to push her away. After a few months, Moloair finally accepted Nong Pech as her friend and the special bond between them has grown ever stronger since.

Having found a loving home at Samui Elephant Haven, Moloair spends her days happily with her best friend Nong Pech and their nanny Sri Nin.

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Nong Pech

Nong Pech was born on Koh Samui in 2012, making her the youngest in the herd. In 2014 she was taken to Surin in the northeast of Thailand to be used in street begging – a torturous existence for an elephant. During this time she had a terrible accident where she fell down a drain. It took two years for her to recover from her injuries. She was moved to a project in Surin to support her recovery.

It was in Surin that she met her best friend Moloair. Although Nong Pech is the younger of the two she is the leader and is extremely protective of her friend.

Nong Pech and her best friend Moloair are inseparable; free to bathe, play, and roam the sanctuary as happy as can be.

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