2 Hour Haven Experience


We are so pleased to announce we will be having a soft opening for a limited number of visitors* to come and visit our herd, and experience what we do every day here at the Samui Elephant Haven. It’s been such a long time without visitors and our elephants are missing interaction with guests to the park so much. (We are too!)

Without visitors to the Haven, and having zero income from the tourism we rely on so much, has meant we have had an extremely difficult time over the last 16 months trying to feed our herd of 22 elephants and your generous and continued support has been truly amazing!

So a BIG thank you to you all!

What will we be doing?

Learn how to make one of our elephant cakes.
Feed the herd with rice balls, bananas and fresh fruits!
Help with the tonnes of fresh fruit deliveries we buy each day (A LOT!)
Learn about the history of Samui Elephant Haven.
Meet our founder Maew & our hard-working staff.

Haven Experience is from 1 PM to 3 PM every day. Please make your booking below.

*Numbers are limited, and social distancing/hand washing is still in operation due to Covid-19





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