Sunday 9 August marks the second anniversary of Samui Elephant Haven 


Celebrations throughout 2020 have been overshadowed by the pandemic that has swept across the world. Tourism in Thailand has left hotels empty and full of nothing other than haunting echos and streets in complete darkness. Elephants across the country are struggling to survive as camps, and ethical sanctuaries close their doors. It’s a time of crisis. 




Samui Elephant Haven has its own resident herd of 11 elephants, and of course, their baby bull Haven Moonlight who was born under the last full moon of the decade in 2019. As many gentle giants have been affected on Koh Samui. Maew Suriya, the founder of the park, has committed to caring for another nine elephants until tourism improves. 


Samui Elephant haven


The team at Samui Elephant Haven want to mark their second anniversary with a sense of positivity in these difficult times. The Haven and other rescue organisations across the country have received incredible financial help from their followers around the world. TIPCO have supplied tonnes of pineapple tops for food, communities have helped cut down trees, landowners are donating plots for banana tree planting and artists are donating their time and creating magical works of art. 



Maew would quietly like to celebrate with lowkey celebrations where guests are invited to make a fruit-filled elephant cake and watch Aom and Perm Poon swim happily in their infinity pool. 


Koh Samui Rescued Elephants Aom and Perm Poon


09.30 Guests arrive and register  
09.45 – 10.30 Prepare fruit for making the cake 
10.30 – 11.30 Make ‘elephant’ birthday cake 
11.30 – 12.00 Guests enjoy a fruit platter whilst they watch Aom and Perm Poon swim 
12.00  Depart  

Entry fee is THB500 per person no matter what age. 

To book, please email 

Please help Samui Elephant Haven to continue their incredible work by making donations through their charity partner Rob’s Dogs – 

All guests are requested to wear a mask and ensure that they regularly wash their hands. 

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