Samui Elephant Tours

Samui Elephant Haven offers morning or afternoon tours with professional, informative, and caring guides.  Guests will learn some fascinating facts about these gentle pachyderms.  Emphasis is on observing the elephants interact, play, and express their instincts in a habitat that would be natural to them and with limited human interaction. 

The Haven has many elephants in their care including Somboon and her baby bull Haven, the two nannies Sudarat and Sri Nin, the cheeky girls Molorair, Kwan Samui, and Nong Pech, the boys Plai Bang and Sorn Ram, not to mention Aom and her four-year-old boy Perm Poon. During the tour, guests will meet them all and discover their personal histories. 

 Observing the tightly knit herds socializing freely, communicating with each other, and providing comical ‘turns’; is an experience a visitor will never forget. 

 There are many photography opportunities; guests are reminded not to forget their cameras! 


THB 3,000 per person

THB1,500 for children under 12 years old

Free for children under 4 years old

Morning Tour Itinerary

9:00     Registration

9:15     Introduction video

9:30     Make nutritious rice balls for the elephants and feed them

9:45     Walk with the gentle giants through the park; the walk is taken at the elephant’s pace to ensure that guests have as much time with them as possible.

Observe the elephants taking a mud bath or bathing in one of their many pools

12:00     Depart

Afternoon Tour Itinerary

14:00     Registration

14:15     Introduction video

14:30     Make nutritious rice balls for the elephants and feed them

14:45     Walk with the gentle giants through the park; the walk is taken at the elephant’s pace to ensure that guests have as much time with them as possible.

Observe the elephants taking a mud bath or bathing in one of their many pools

17:00     Depart


Samui Elephant haven

Feeding the Giants 

Samui Elephant Haven is the most significant ethical sanctuary on Koh Samui. Since opening, almost two years ago, 20 elephants have been rescued from various harrowing industries including trekking, entertainment and logging across Thailand. For many years, these gentle giants have been subjected to abuse and overwork, sometimes with horrific injuries. They all now live in peace in the beautiful park. 

The pandemic, COVID-19, has dramatically affected visitors at Samui Elephant Haven and tourism across the world. The team at the Haven has found creative ways of feeding their many hungry mouths. The mahouts and volunteers have physically cut down banana trees and coconut leaves, received pineapple tops from TIPCO, the most prominent fruit juice provider in Thailand, and is creating community farms for future sustainability with the help of the islands’ hotels.  

 Now that Samui Elephant Haven is open and they can carefully accept small groups because social distancing is becoming more relaxedMaew Suriya, the founder, wants to afford island residents and visitors the opportunity of helping make nutritious rice balls to feed the gentle herd. 

Samui Elephant haven 

The delicious rice balls are made of rice, bran, pumpkin and turmeric and can also contain vitamin supplements or medicine. The balls are a great source of protein and are particularly good for baby and elderly elephants as they are easy to eat and digest; their lack of teeth can make it challenging to chew leaves, roots and trees resulting in gastral problems. They are also a great way of tempting elephants to eat their medication if they are sick. 

Samui Elephant haven feed the Giants



All donations will help take care of the elephants and feed them. 

Or, please telephone or WhatsApp +66 (0) 956286160; email or contact us via Messenger on the button below.

Every day, there will be two fun sessions where children and adults alike can attend a short class and make tasty and nutritious food for the elephants, learn about elephant behaviour and feed the two nannies Sudarat and Sri Nin, the girls Kwan Samui, Moloair and Nong Pech and mum and baby Somboon and Haven.  

 Each day there are two sessions:  

 10.00 to 10.45 – 13:00 to 13:45 – 15:00 to 15:45

 Tiny ones under 4 years old – Free
Little ones 4 – 11 years old – THB500
Big ones 12 years and over – THB1000 


Samui Elephant haven

Elephant Aides Required

Samui Elephant Haven offers a limited number of weekly guests the exciting opportunity to experience a full immersion programme and learn everything there is to know about elephants and the local culture.

The elephant’s aides spend six nights and seven days at Samui Elephant Haven in simple bamboo cottages that boast incredible views across the park, elephants’ swimming pool, the jungle, the Gulf of Thailand and the island of Koh Phangan. Probably one of the most outstanding and humbling views to wake up to each morning.

Being an aide requires stamina; the day is packed full of exciting and essential jobs which ensure the maintenance of the best environment in which the elephants live.

Each day starts with feeding the chickens that cluck around the park and collecting eggs for breakfast. The aides are joining the Samui Elephant Haven family, so will eat all meals with the founders, mahouts, the rest of the elephant team and tour visitors. Every morning, Maew presents guests with a list of responsibilities and activities that will take place throughout the day; and includes preparing food for the elephants, cleaning their swimming pools and enclosures, helping plant trees and grass throughout the park and of course collecting ele’ poop for the manure pile. It’s not all hard work, there is time for a traditional Thai massage, walks on the beach, a Muay Thai introduction, a cooking class, and exploring a local night walking market.

This extraordinary experience is available for a maximum of five guests each week. There are one single, and two twin bamboo bungalows available at the highest point of the Haven. The Elephant Aides programme is one of the most comprehensive in Thailand as it allows guests the opportunity to explore the local culture and people.

Prepare many kilo’s of delicious watermelon for the elephants
Clean the elephants’ swimming pools and enclosures
Elephant poop-scooping duties
Plant trees and grass – elephants have voracious appetites
General maintenance, painting, build fences
Photograph and journal about being an elephant aide
Shadow mahouts
Lunch with guests to talk about the volunteer programme

Monday to Sunday (6 nights, 7 days)

Accommodation in a single or twin bamboo cottage (single occupancy in a twin room is possible)
Vegetarian breakfast, lunch, and dinner unless eating out at markets/local restaurants
Trash Hero reusable water bottle
Airport or hotel transfers
Samui Elephant Haven volunteer t-shirt
Samui Elephant Haven cap
Muay Thai, cooking class, night market transfers
THB 20,000 per week, per person (single supplement 50%) in a twin room
Maximum eight people
Ensure all relevant vaccinations are up-to-date; this must include tetanus. Check with your local doctor
Holiday insurance to include medical cover
Follow ALL safety rules upon arrival. Elephants are big, wild animals
Provide contact details of point of contact from home country
Muay Thai lesson with Maew – he has many hidden talents
Cooking class and prepare lunch for the guests and other volunteers
Identify local plants and herbs with the guides
Traditional Thai massage
Experience the vibrant night-time walking markets and the delicious ‘local’ food
Beach time
‘Maew Talks’ – an evening discussing elephant behaviours and an intimate understanding of the history of the Haven’s elephants
Closed-toe shoes (we will provide rubber boots)
Insect repellant
Light shawl
Gardening gloves
Natural clothing
Plasters and a small first aid kit with antiseptic creams

Guests may want to stay for additional nights in Koh Samui. Samui Elephant Haven have partnered with Tongsai Bay. They have impeccable green projects and are environmentally friendly.

Additional volunteering opportunities:

Cat and Dog Rescue


Samui Elephant Haven School for Children

Various ethical projects run in parallel with multiple school curriculums or with students that have an interest in conservation, nature and animals.  Samui Elephant Haven encourages youngsters and the community to be involved with the protection of the official national animal of Thailand.