Sudurat, otherwise known as ‘The Boss’ is the head nanny at Samui Elephant Haven. She started her life as a logging elephant before being moved to Pattaya where she endlessly trekked with tourists on her back. Now free of chains and any form of cruelty at the Haven, she happy looks after Nong Pech, Moloair and Kwan Samui who form the beautiful herd of five together with Sri Nin (the other nanny!).

Since the birth of Haven Moonlight on Friday 13 December 2019, she has been desperate to take care of him. She’s tried to steal him, pull him out of his enclosure and lovingly wrap her trunk around his. Finally, her wish was granted. On Sunday 2 February (a lifetime in elephant years) she, albeit briefly, met the delightful scamp! Under the watchful eye of Somboon and Maew, they all approached each other, cautiously touching each other gently with their trunks; Haven happily holding on to the tip of Sudurat’s.

Each day they’ll spend more and more time together so that they can get to know each other and Somboon begins to trust Sudurat’s nannying instincts. Did you know that in the wild, each female member of the herd has a responsibility to help the new mother? It’s usually the matriarch that takes care of the newborn baby and gets him or her standing whilst the mum recovers from the birth. The team at the Haven can’t wait to have a herd of seven elephants!

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